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Our Mission

Spine Diagnostics & Interventional Center, Inc. under the leadership of Gregory T. Flynn, MD is an innovative practice of surgery, preventive medicine, interventional pain medicine, physical assessment, training & rehabilitation dedicated to the preservation of the family and forces for military personnel, and the civilian population.

Acute pain occurs when special neuro-receptors are stimulated in the body and the impulses are sent to the brain along neuro-pathways. Our practice is dedicated to eradicating the source of the pain whenever possible. Diagnostic testing is a critical point to this goal along with a detailed history and physical exam. The techniques employed are state-of -the-art, based on evidenced base medicine and over 20 years experience. TARGET SPECIFIC PAIN THERAPY includes evaluating MRI studies and creating a course of action that meets your needs in a timely manner. Selective nerve root blocks enable us to determine if the bulging or herniated disc impinging on the nerve is the source of the pain. Our approach takes into consideration the missions of the patient. Narcotics are used only when necessary. Cessation of pain, not masking the symptoms or confusing the brain, is our methodology.

Physical conditioning is critical to our success as well as treating the entire patient to ensure adequate sleep, exercise, diet, and hormone balance.

Spine Diagnostics takes pride in being honored to serve all military personnel, active and retired, and their dependents.

Our promise to you: Dr. Flynn, the staff and associates of Spine Diagnostics & Interventional Center promise to provide value and outstanding service.