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B-L-U-F: Bottom Line Up Front

From all the litany of military jargon used today, “B-L-U-F”, Bottom Line Up Front best outlines the approach taken in the medical-surgical practice by Gregory T. Flynn, M.D., Director of Spine Diagnostics & Interventional Center, Inc. His belief is that an accurate diagnosis of the problem producing the pain enables a rapid resolution of the condition and a speedy return to a normal functional lifestyle. Dr. Flynn is noted for his straight talk and transparent thinking on the issues surrounding the patient’s care. Utilizing a multitude of resources, such as MRI scans, CT Scans, X-Rays, Fluoroscopic Imaging, combined with Diagnostic and Therapeutic Injections, Dr. Flynn is able to diagnose then eradicate the pain generator. Patients report that Dr. Flynn and his staff display knowledge and confidence in providing quality expedited care.

Conservative Approach First

Spine Diagnostics & Interventional Center staff take an approach that is first conservative when appropriate, directing patients to physical therapy, and core and spine muscle conditioning. Interventional techniques such as discography and selective nerve root blocks are performed to create a clinical diagnosis of the impression given by the radiologist on the MRI diagnostic imaging, x-rays, and CT scans. Studies of nerve function such as electromyography and nerve conduction velocity may be performed to access the extent of nerve damage. Based on this evidence Dr. Flynn discusses with the patient the optimal minimally invasive surgical approach to alleviate the pain due to herniated discs, annular tears of the discs, and treat stenosis of the neuroforamina. Patients express confidence in the explanation offered by Dr. Flynn.

Spine Diagnostics & Interventional Center’s staff take an approach that is first conservative when appropriate, directing patients to physical therapy, and core and spine muscle conditioning. An algorhythmic approach to is taken to treat the multitude of disorders of the spine which presents as back and or leg pain.

Dr. Flynn is opposed to the practice of prescribing narcotics to mask the pain symptoms in lieu of trying to stop the pain generator. He will use a variety of medications to control pain which includes NSAIDs, muscle relaxants, steroids, neuropathic pain inhibitors such as gabapentin, and opiates.

Adjuvant Medication & Therapy

The use of adjuvant medication is critical to the patient’s well-being. This includes medication for sleep, anxiety, and stress. However, Spine Diagnostics also offers non-pharmaceutical approaches to deal with the many psychosocial issues of pain that modifies a person’s behavior and adaptive skills to deal with the pain. Pain behavior is often determined by past experiences, genetic factors, societal issues, workplace environment, sleep deprivation, fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

In this regard, the skills of psychologists, licensed mental health counselors, and social workers engage the patients to learn new skills to deal with their condition. Our staff is skilled at employing cognitive behavior therapy, acute resolution therapy, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing, EMDR. EMDR is recommended over other forms of therapy due to the fact that it does not produce the anxiety associated with reliving a traumatic event. Relaxation and meditative skills may also be taught.

For patients with prolonged exposure to trauma, war time activities, explosions, concussions, the workup will include an evaluation of the neuroendocrine system. Treating pain in a patient who has no energy and is not able to exercise is difficult to impossible. Hence, Dr. Flynn will perform lab work to rule out thyroid dysfunction, anemia, diabetes, hypogonadism, low testosterone, and adrenal fatigue. Based on the laboratory analysis, treatment will be implemented. Often, low testosterone is at the root of the physical deconditioning and once corrected, our patients respond rapidly. Studies are now showing this to be a common issue in our returning veterans engaged in the prolonged conflict of the Middle East and elsewhere.

Dr. Flynn and his staff wish for all military personnel, military dependents, and military retirees to have the same pleasant experience at our clinic.

Service Seals

Preservation of the force and family is mission critical... through the combined effort of yourself and our staff, you will resolve your pain and stress to resume a normal functional lifestyle.

— Dr. Gregory T. Flynn, M.D.